9-11 truth: Venezuela, Cuba PRESENTE!

Wayne Madsen drops a stunner–one that further raises Venezuela and Cuba in my estimation, and…well, let’s face it, BushCo couldn’t sink any lower. So let’s just say they ignored one more reliable source of antiterror information…

In addition to Russia, Jordan, France, Germany, and other nations, Venezuelan and Cuban intelligence picked up chatter about a “major terrorist attack” on the United States prior to 9/11.

Cuban intelligence, which has an extensive network in Florida — a home base of the hijackers and their handlers — initially picked up reports about the attack and passed the information to both the United States and Venezuela … however, the Bush administration failed to react to this and other foreign warnings.

Venezuelan intelligence, likely from its own sources in Florida and elsewhere, confirmed that something major would occur in the United States.

The failure of the Bush administration to heed these warnings coupled with subsequent intelligence picked up by the Cuban and Venezuelan security services have led them to conclude that 9/11 was carried out as a result of an “inside job” within the Bush administration.

I’ve already blogged (briefly) on the 9-11 Truth movement coming to Caracas. Looks like there might be a Havana chapter coming soon. (We already know there are at least five brave Cuban antiterror investigators getting the shaft in Miami.)

And, add to that the following Raw Story bombshell on Judith Miller and you get…

…an ever-growing rubbleheap of ignored warnings and evidence.

Yeah, tell me they didn’t know. After all, they’re knowingly sheltering another well-known terrorist, or three.

Shoot, what’s a little terror between old right-wing friends?

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