Anywhere else, this would be called tyranny

But since it’s BushCo USA, it’s somehow being spun as “democracy”.

US President George W Bush has approved an $80m (£43m) fund towards boosting democracy in Cuba.

The president said the fund would help the Cuban people in their “transition from repressive control to freedom”.

The fund is part of proposals put forward by the Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba, which is considering a post-Fidel Castro Cuba.

A draft version of the proposals, released last week, drew strong criticism from Cuban officials.

In a statement, the president said: “I approved a Compact with the People of Cuba, which outlines how the United States will support the Cuban people as they transition from the repressive control of the Castro regime to freedom and a genuine democracy.

“The report demonstrates that we are actively working for change in Cuba, not simply waiting for change,” the statement said.

Translation: Get set for Bay of Pigs II–Return of the Predator Capitalists.

Everyone knows that the only “Cuban people” BushCo cares about are the right-wing terrorists who are clogging up that sewer otherwise known as Miami. After all, they can be easily bought.

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