No more Taps for teens!

My friend Corey sent me this. While it is extremely gentle, with no violence or blue language, it’s also a shocker sure to bring tears to your eyes.

Yes, you heard him correctly. He’s offering to go to Iraq in place of a teenager.

When you consider that the average US soldier in World War II was in his mid-twenties, but that by Vietnam, that median age had slipped to 19 (it is the same for Iraq), it should give you pause. The same kids who are going to de-funded public schools (BushCo tax dollars at work!), are also ending up disproportionately represented among the troops bound for Iraq.

Meanwhile, who’s underrepresented among the dead? Generals. And who won’t you see, ever, among the kids being killed in Iraq? Why, those of wealthy Republicans.

I’m perfectly sure the Bush Twins are as capable as anyone of fighting in their daddy’s war. A year-long tour of duty would be just the thing. It would teach both of them an invaluable lesson about statecraft, certainly more than they have learned in the past year by undertaking mysterious dealings in Paraguay, or getting purse-snatched in Buenos Aires.

C’mon, girls, whaddya say? You’re both over 21. You’ve got the best education money can buy. And you’re both clearly spoiling for lack of real-world work experience. Why not give a couple of less privileged teens a break, as this gentleman is offering to do? Don’t you think your country is worth it?

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