FOX News: The iron fist of “fair and balanced” hypocrisy

Being totally two-faced seems to be a prerequisite if you want to work at Fux Snooze. Get a load of what one sharp-eyed Venezuelan patriot has found concerning a particular reporter of theirs in Latin America:

(Thanks to GloriaAlBravoPueblo and Aporrea.)

Translation of the video follows:

Journalism or servility–how far will these lackeys go?

Remember Steve Harrigan, the “reporter” from FOX News? He of the “iron fist of Hugo Chavez”?

Let’s refresh our memories…

[two clips of Harrigan giving a report which is clearly neither fair nor balanced]

Remember this face…

[another clip claiming Chavez uses the police, armed forces and military to oppress his people]

Let’s see what happens to people who demonstrated AGAINST BUSH–Bogota, Colombia, March 11, 2007.

Amid police repression on the part of [Colombian president] Uribe, Harrigan gets his!

[clip of a demo, Harrigan reporting, as the Colombian riot police begin to move against some noisy but peaceful demonstrators. Harrigan gets hit off-camera by what he says is a stone. A cop then moves in towards Harrigan, making him uneasy.]

Of course Chavez sent them, right?

[repeat of same clip, this time with captioning. Caption reads…]

The demonstrators are yelling “Uribe paraco, el pueblo esta verraco”, so of course they must be opposed to Chavez…

[clip continues]

Let’s imagine for a moment that this occurred in Venezuela…

How many times would we have seen these images repeated by the private media?

I can just see Ms. Rice, declaring from the Empire that human rights have been violated in Venezuela…what do you think?

Harrigan, I’m awaiting your report: “The iron fists of Uribe and Bush” with these images.

Me too, Gloria, but I don’t imagine we’ll ever see it.

At least, not on FUX.

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