Festive Left Friday Blogging: Men of many hats

When it comes to heads, nobody has better ones on their shoulders than Evo and Chavecito.

Or better dressed ones, come to that:

Evo models a coca-leaf hat

Is this Evo’s Easter bonnet? Or just another of his many creative uses for coca leaves?

Evo balancing a loaf of bread on his head

I read on the wires that this is actually a good-luck ritual, but it could also be Evo’s way of telling us that grain products, such as bread, have a vital place in a balanced diet.

Meanwhile, Chavecito is also a man of many hats…

Hugo Chavez salutes the Bolivian hat

…gamely donning them even when they’re not terribly flattering to his face.

Chavecito and Evo in Andean flap hats

The Andean flap hat, for example, suits Evo much better.

Chavecito in an African hat

This African chapeau, however, is quite fetching.

I quite like this regional style from Zulia…

Hugo Chavez in a Zulia hat

…which also suits Evo to a tee:

Evo in a Zulia hat

This Panamanian palm hat is nice, too:

Chavecito in a Panama hat

And I really, REALLY like him in this Stetson:

Hugo Chavez, cowboy good guy

…which harks back to his llanero origins.

Hugo Chavez, ready to play ball

He definitely looks at home in a baseball cap.

And he’s downright imposing in his full-dress uniform:

Hugo Chavez in full dress uniform

And yes, by all means, put on your hard hat, Chavecito, before you Safety Dance.

Hugo Chavez reaches for his safety hat

But my all time favorite is his iconic red beret…

Hugo Chavez in camouflage and his iconic beret

…which looks equally good with camo and civvies.

Hugo Chavez--nobody looks better in red

It takes a lot of talent to wear so many hats.

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