One more reason to love Evo

He just pulled Bolivia out of the School of the Americas.

We are very excited to announce that President Evo Morales announced Tuesday that Bolivia will gradually withdraw its military from training programs at the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC), formerly known as the School for the Americas (SOA). Bolivia is now the fifth country after Costa Rica, Argentina, Uruguay and Venezuela to formally announce a withdrawal from the school!

“We will gradually withdraw until there are no Bolivian officers attending the School of the Americas" said Morales. Questioning the U.S. government foreign policy he noted that "they are teaching high ranking officers to confront their own people, to identify social movements as their enemies."

It’s a bit unfortunate that he’s taking a gradual approach rather than just going for one quick clean yank, but hey–I welcome any news that another country is leaving that training camp for torturers and assassins. Especially since Evo did it in direct response to calls from SOA Watch and torture survivors.

You gotta love a leader who listens to the oppressed and their supporters, rather than the big money.

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