“Evo Pueblo” selling like hotcakes

Aporrea reports that the Bolivian president’s bio-pic is such a hit that it’s being bootlegged within days of its theatrical release:

Three days after its release on October 23 in La Paz, the film “Evo Pueblo” had been enjoyed by most Bolivians.

The logic of the market is “sell the people what they want and accommodate popular demand”, said one of the principal distributors of unauthorized copies of the film. This permits greater access to the film, which tells the story of Evo Morales’s political life and his election to the presidency of Bolivia.

An added advantage is that these copies are available throughout the country at prices accessible to the population. The DVD is selling like hotcakes.

(Translation mine.)

Well, we all know that Evo is hot stuff. It’s only logical that a film about him would be, too.

Now where can I get my own copy?

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