Evo, WTF???

Holy shucking fit, there goes another “dictator”…

The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, has proposed a recall referendum for himself and the nine regional governors of the country, most of whom are oppositionists.

Morales announced that he would send this proposal to Congress today, so that they would “quickly” convene the referendum, and thus determine whether the people support the “process of change”.

“If the people say Evo must go, I have no problem with it, I’m totally democratic. The people will say who goes and who stays on to guarantee this process of change,” said the president during a message to the nation at the government palace in La Paz.

The governors of Santa Cruz, Tarija, Beni and Cochabamba, all opposed to Morales, are currently in the US to denounce before international organizations what they consider to be “illegal” actions on the part of Morales and his party in the Constitutional Assembly and the Congress.

Translation mine.

Swear to Goddess. First Chavecito, now Evo. All the confidence in democracy and popular will–talk about yer cojones! It’s totally twirling my turban.

If they don’t stop with this democracy-stuff, their enemies will run out of opportunities to call them dictators, lawbreakers and assassins. What will the world come to then?

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