The Playboy and the Prettyboy stir up shit in the barrios

Remember how awhile back I blogged about Leopoldo Lopez, the mayor of a wealthy district in Caracas? And only yesterday, I had a little item about Yon Goicoechea? Well, now there’s proof that Prettyboy Lopez and Playboy Yon-Yon are up to no good…

Neighbors of the most populous zones of Caracas have denounced Yon Goicoechea and mayor Lopez for coming into their communities to organize clandestine meetings there, with the intent of fomenting violent actions in the new year to get rid of President Chavez.

The meetings took place in the districts of Antimano, Caricuao and Los Cortijos; one took place this past week in the Colegio San Agustin in the UD4 sector of Caricuao, according to our source, and was attended by members of the “Comando de la Resistencia”.

Translation mine.

A few days ago the Miami Herald reported “Chavez opposition brewing in barrios”. They made it sound like once-loyal Chavistas were turning on their president because they feared that the proposed constitutional reform would mean a loss of private property–a lie frequently hyped by the opposition media (and echoed by its faithful foreign counterparts such as the Miami Herald.)

The fact that reality looks nothing like the scare stories didn’t stop the misreporting. In fact, I suspect that the anti-reform media campaign was so strident precisely because the reforms were far-reaching and largely beneficial to the poor in the barrios, while leaving Venezuela’s traditional ruling classes (to whom the Prettyboy and the Playboy both belong) out in the cold. If the people had been properly informed as to their nature by all media in Venezuela, chances are the reforms would have passed with a resounding yes. The right to collective and communal property, for example, would mean that big landowners looking to grab more land would have a harder time doing it, since collectives have strength-in-numbers going for them, while land-grabbers prefer to divide and conquer.

And don’t anyone believe that the old owners of Venezuela don’t have their eyes on those barrios. If they’re not up for playing slumlord, they are almost certainly hoping to drive the poor out and plunk either expensive condos or golf courses onto the land on which those shantytowns are currently sitting. The idea that the shantytown dwellers have a right to own the land, not just squat on it (and thus remain vulnerable to being driven out by force) is profoundly threatening to those who already own more than enough property in Venezuela as it stands. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that elitists like Lopez and Goicoechea should be out and about in those same poorer neighborhoods, fomenting violence through clandestine meetings and at the same time trying to sow open doubt about the intentions of a president who, throughout his tenure, has enjoyed the reputation of being a friend of the poor.

Meanwhile, it must be shocking for people in those poor neighborhoods to see the mayor from a rich municipality slumming on their turf. He has no legitimate reason to be there, and neither does the “student” from the private university. No wonder they sounded the alarm.

The question is, will the lamestream media hear it, or will they just go on making like this?

Lala Kitty

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