Help! I think I’m starting to like Felipe Calderon!

He’s done two things that are very decent, all things considered.

First, he’s put a freeze on food prices so that poorer Mexicans can quit dying of NAFTA-induced starvation (or at least, slow it down a bit.) If he’s smart, he’ll decree a price rollback and make it permanent. And if he’s REALLY smart, he’ll tear up NAFTA. (Oh ‘Bina, you really are a dreamer, aren’t you.)

He’s also advocated that Europe lift its sanctions against Cuba. Meaning Cubans can also quit starving for lack of Euros. Yay!

Now, if only he’d admit that his “election” was a sham, and cede to AMLO like he should have done in the first place, things could really get rockin’.

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