Awwww. Bolivian fascists so cute!

Bolivian fascist youth with spiked clubs

“We’re gonna fuck you up, you shitty Injuns!” So chivalrous!

Once more, the racist opposition of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, is on the march, and defending its honor…by attacking pre-emptively:

“The only thing these kids swere doing was defending a lady who was at a peaceful rally when she was attacked by some punks who wanted to assault women,” he said. That’s how Branko Marinkovic justified the attack with bats, rocks, kicks and punches by his followers on humble women. One of them is in a coma, and a youth is now disabled, as a result of the violence of August 29.

The “civic leader” said he was “pleased” that the youngsters had attacked a peaceful march called by the Santa Cruz Workers’ Central, led by Lucio Vedia, in celebration of the setting of the date for the constitutional approval referendum.

Marinkovic called the march a “provocation”, and called the marchers “hordes and hosts of violence”.

He also accused the government of refusing to sit down to a dialogue on “creating autonomous departments by law and through the new Constitution”.

“The Government never had any intention of giving us autonomy or never intended to install a real democracy in Bolivia”, Marinkovic insisted.

Translation mine.

Oh. So that’s what this is about?

Bolivian thugette assaults an indigenous woman

Shit, I just thought it was more of the same old racism–fine young fascist thugs and thugettes beating up on anyone they saw in indigenous dress. Why? Just because those are the very people most likely to be supporting Evo, the new constitution, and anything else that stands in the way of the illegal “autonomy” these fascists want so they can keep all the money in the hands of a select few…like, oh, say, Branko Marinkovic, the ethnic cleanser from the Balkans.

But of course, Branko’s ambitions are not going to amount to much. Remember, Santa Cruz is very divided…and only some city folk and large landowners are with Branko and against Evo. So this violence is not surprising. They are the losers and they are resorting to losers’ tactics: gangs, violence, intimidation, overt fascism.

But silly me–according to Branko, they were just defending ladies, not attacking them. Awwww, so cute!

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