Yet another Magic Laptop story you won’t see in the whore media

Here you go. First the video, in Spanish…

…and then, I translate the story for you:

A captain and antiterrorist investigator of the DIJIN, the Colombian equivalent of the FBI, Ronald Ayden Coy Ortiz, who wrote the report on the computer which the Colombian army claimed to have found in the encampment of Raúl Reyes, declared under oath before the Inspector General that he did not find any e-mails in the said computer. “Only Microsoft Word documents”, according to a report by Canal Uno, a Colombian TV station.

Upon being asked to “inform the office if you (the DIJIN) find any archives corresponding to e-mails sent or received by Raúl Reyes”, Capt. Coy responded, “We have not found any e-mails up to now. We have found a great many e-mail addresses, but Reyes stored the information in Microsoft Word format.”

The government of Colombia has maintained until now that the computer contained thousands of e-mails sent by the FARC leader, who died in an illegal bombardment of his encampment in Ecuador, in March.

The computer was the basis of charges against parliamentarians Piedad Córdoba, Wilson Borja and Gloria Inés Ramírez; former peace advisor Lázaro Vivero; the director of the weekly magazine Voz, Carlos Lozano; Telesur journalist William Parra; the director of an NGO, Liliana Patricia Obando; the former presidential candidate, Alvaro Leyva; US investigator James Jones; and Amilcar Figueroa, a Venezuelan citizen.

“This declaration could derail the investigation” against those incriminated by the contents of the computer, because “Word documents do not prove that there were e-mail exchanges between the guerrilla chief and those under investigation”, according to Canal Uno.

The attorneys representing those persons have asked that the “e-mail evidence” be declared null and void, because according to the captain’s statement, there is no way of telling whether any e-mails were sent or received, since Word archives cannot prove that there was an exchange of communications.

But of course, this rather obvious “no duh”-er will be ignored by the Colombian authorities as they move to persecute prosecute anyone who gets in the way of El Narco and his reign of terror. Including, as you may have guessed, a certain rather well-known Venezuelan president in a red shirt.

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