Where was all this on Friday?

Sheesh…sometimes you really have to wait for the good stuff. Here’s Evo, yesterday, at the official ceremony marking the coming-into-force of Bolivia’s newly ratified constitution:

With special guest appearance by Guatemalan indigenous human-rights champion Rigoberta Menchú, no less. Hmmm, whatever could it mean? Could it be that finally, FINALLY, little brown people will have rights equal to those of the tall pink ones? Nahhhh, of course not. It’s just another anti-white racist conspiracy, don’tcha know.

And here’s Chavecito, campaigning for a little constitutional amendment–perhaps you’ve heard of it?

Or maybe he’s announcing his candidacy to become a big-league baseball pitcher. Either way, he’s got one hell of an arm. And his being a southpaw is the secret weapon, so watch for him to strike the oppos out.

He’s also got kind words for AvilaTV, the Caracas community station that’s done a lot to unravel the right-wing media lies and general bullshit that prevails in the upper strata of Venezuela.

And for those who like the sound of Ecuadorable cojones, there’s a recording here of Rafael Correa, blasting a US so-called diplomat who thought Washington was really in charge of all that goes on in Quito. This is their idea of “co-operation”. Sorry–not anymore, little gringo. Chalk up one more progressive LatAm country that takes the word sovereignty seriously, and isn’t afraid to kick any foreigner out who doesn’t do likewise.

So much for weekends being a time when nothing much happens.

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