The Panama Deception

An oldie but a goodie. Especially relevant in light of the ongoing deception by the media over Iraq and Afghanistan. For more on how the media screwed the public during the Panama assault 20 years ago, see the FAIR blog’s entry on the media’s shoddy, shameful coverage of that gorefest–and see how it really is déjà vu all over again.

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2 Responses to The Panama Deception

  1. I was born in Panama and I get blind angry when I see the truth being finally told about Bush 1’s Imperialist adventure. But then, does this really surprise anyone given that he is the son of the man who tried to overthrow the US government in favor of a Hitler-style government of the wealthy.

  2. Not a bit surprising; the Bush Crime Family has been crooked since at least WWII. Dubya’s grandpa, Prescott Bush, made his bundle by banking for Hitler, so that Hitleresque right-wing Wall St. coup they planned (and Smedley Butler refused to execute) is not out of character in the least!
    US imperialism in Panama is age old, as the doc says. Panama split off from Colombia with a little “help” from Uncle Sam. Were it not somehow expedient for the US to do it, they would not have helped the Panamanians get out from under Bogotá. Until there arose the issue of the Canal Zone, it wasn’t expedient!

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