On vacation in an an undisclosed location

First…a little mood music, maestro…

Ah. That’s nice.

So, here’s the dish, kiddies…your aunt’s two babies, PowerBook 12 and PowerBook 15, are gonna be taking a little trip this aft. Never mind where, only keep in mind that when they come back, they’ll have been rejuvenated and will be lookin’ fine. PowerBook 12’s hard drive melted down in spectacular fashion last week during what was supposed to be a routine software update; PowerBook 15, which has also recently gotten a new hard drive, now needs a new keyboard (the S key on this sucker sticks!) and probably a new sound card as well.

Doctor ‘Bina has been concerned about the babies’ prognosis, but she’s thankful for the Time Capsule, which has saved everything from PowerBook 12 and is now doing PowerBook 15 as well, with a little help from Nurse Leopard. She’s also pleased that the Time Capsule has enabled her to rescue her music, pix and works-in-progress from PowerBook 12; it’s kind of nice to have those on both machines, no?

But in order to have them on both machines, it’s paramount to have both machines working. And PowerBook 12 can’t work without a functional hard drive, alas. Since I’ll be taking both at the same time for repairs, I’ll be incommunicado (¿incomunicada?) until further notice. And among other things, that means I’ll be temporarily closing this blog to comments (gotta keep the spammers and trolls at bay, y’know!) I’ll also ask my regular e-mailers to keep it down to a dull roar–I can’t read, respond or unclutter my mailbox until I get the babies back, after all.

Yeah, I know–whatta drag.

Don’t worry about me; I’ll be safe, happy and busy-busy-busy in my garden, and giving the place a long-overdue spring cleaning as well. If worse comes to worst, I’ll annoy my cats.

In the meantime, have a few lulz on me:


And I will see you on the other side.

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