Stoopid Hugo Chávez comparisons: Spot the difference

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Why this photographic side-by-side? You’ll see in a moment, kiddies. After I post the latest dumbass meme to crop up in the “compare Hugo Chávez to the tyrant of your choice” game, that is…

So while Chávez may not be in the same league as Kim Jong-il when it comes to destroying one’s own country, the Venezuelan leader is still in serious danger of taking his nation’s economy down the road of ruin. And although as oil prices have come down, he appears to have reined in some of his more crackpot ideas that involved lashing out millions of petrodollars, the signs are not good, as epitomized by the latest wave of nationalizations in the country. These included the Techint-related briquette producers, tube manufacturer Tavsa, oil service companies and Santander’s banking unit. Chávez may be paying compensation for taking over all these companies (including in the recent past steelmaker Sidor, AES’s electric power company and telecom Cantv, among others) but that’s not going to help the Venezuelan people. The state, particularly the crony-ridden Venezuelan state, cannot manage these companies efficiently and no matter how much compensation Chávez pays to the former owners, ultimately the people working in those companies and the people who use their goods and services will be the ones that suffer most.

Yokay. So. The picture on the top left is of an actual, working douchebag. The picture at top right is of the author of the above drivel, one David Roberts, who presumably works for the douchey biznews site, A good visual joke? I hope so.

The punchline is that the paragraph I snipped comes AFTER a whole slew of stuff totally refuting the notion that Venezuela is anywhere NEAR the road to becoming North Korea. Meaning that this forced comparison is a tortured bit of chop-logic at best. Personally, I prefer to just call it by its right name, i.e. BULLSHIT. But someone still saw fit to pay the author and publish it! Just as they used to pay people to publish bogus comparisons of Chavecito to Robert Mugabe, before that, too, got old.

A pity that Otto has already awarded his most coveted prize for this week, or I’d nominate this guy. Maybe he can be runner-up?

In the meantime, here is another comparison to ponder:

Q. What’s the difference between a bizmedia anti-Chavista and a douchebag?

A. One of them is empty, obsolete and routinely sticks his head where the sun doesn’t shine; the other is a douchebag.

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  1. Utpal says:

    Bina, read this:
    As long as we are on the topic of Kim Jong Il, do you know the Jesse Helms/Kim Jong Il joke? Jesse Helms was once railing against “Kim Jong the Second” in the Senate, when someone passed a note to him, saying “That’s not Kim Jong the Second, that’s Kim Jong Ill”. He looks at the note and corrects himself “Oh, a’m sorry, I meant Kim Jong the Third” 🙂

  2. Somehow, I can just imagine him really saying that. LOL!

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