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First, a little mood music from Neil Sedaka:

And now, the story:

The de facto government of Honduras, headed by Roberto Micheletti, announced on Tuesday that it was breaking off relations with Argentina, a country that openly expressed itself in opposition to the coup d’état in Honduras.

The Secretary of Exterior Relations for the dictatorship of Honduras released a communiqué in which it demanded “respect for sovereignty” and “no interference in internal affairs”–in response to the Argentine government of Cristina Fernández and its support for the exiled president, Manuel Zelaya.

The Micheletti goverment decided that relations with Argentina would be channeled through the Honduran embassy in Israel, according to the Telam news agency.

On August 13, the Argentine government requested that the Honduran ambassador to that country, Carmen Eleonora Ortez William, leave because she declared her support for the Micheletti dictatorship.

Translation mine.

Looks like somebody wasn’t joking when she told the putschist Honduran ambassador to pack her bags.

I predict this is gonna hurt Gorilletti a lot more than it’s gonna hurt Cristina. How much? THIS much:


PS: YVKE Mundial reports that Argentine diplomats in Honduras will be staying put–disobeying orders from the putschists to leave. Aunt Bina predicts there will soon be refugee claimants seeking asylum there.

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