Holy mac, the Axis of Evo is spacebound!


Simón Bolívar, the Venezuelan satellite, is about to get some company in orbit. And his baby brother’s name is Tupac Katari:

A tripartite commission attended by representatives of the governments of Bolivia and China and the International Telecommunications Union (UIT) will meet in La Paz in late October to discuss the construction and launch of the Tupac Katari satellite, according to the Minister of Public Works, Walter Delgadillo.

Delgadillo said that the commission will evaluate technological proposals and will identify means of financing the Bolivian satellite so that it will be in orbit in no more than 36 months.

“The Government has decided to create a Bolivian Space Agency to define the process, timeline and activities to launch Tupac Katari into orbit,” said Delgadillo.

He added that the business and governmental entities that will be using the satellite’s channels are currently spending a total of $10 million US.

“When Bolivia has its own satellite, these costs will be reduced by half, not including the added value of using it for various activities which will sustain development,” Delgadillo said.

The total cost of the satellite, according to preliminary estimations, will require an investment of $200-300 million US.

Translation mine.

Yep, it’s looking more and more like Evo is the Little Injun That Could…put Bolivia in orbit.

Now, why couldn’t any of his white, neoliberal-capitalist predecessors think of something like that?

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2 Responses to Holy mac, the Axis of Evo is spacebound!

  1. Duder says:

    Thanks, I am waiting for the rocket to get off the ground before posting but it should be fun the see what John Enders and the “journalist” gang make of it.
    Also, considering Tupac Katari’s rebelion was decades before Bolivar, I think the Venezuelan is actually the baby brother.

  2. I know. But in satellite terms, it’s the other way ’round.
    I remember the hubbub that erupted around the launch of Simón the Satellite this past year–the oppos were freaking about it. They were all convinced that it was a spy device (it’s actually a carrier for the Telesur TV signal, among others) and also that the Vergatario cellphone, made in Venezuela and wildly popular there, was rigged with explosives that would go off on a signal from the evil, evil satellite. It was all good for a joke–and so far, no news of even ONE Vergatario going kaboom, so that must be a huge disappointment to them.
    I predict that Enders & Co. will make the same conspiracy-loon hue and cry about it–or else say nothing at all. A Bolivian telecom satellite, put in orbit by some little brown dude, doesn’t fit their preconceived notion of a country that is backward precisely because of all the little brown people, rather than bad economic policies put in place by whites from abroad.

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