This one won’t be running off to Peru for asylum…


Venezuelans carry the body of a comrade during the Caracazo. Caracas, Venezuela, late February-early March, 1989.

…because he’s one of those responsible for an old massacre, and the people of Venezuela are anxious to see him brought to justice at home:

The public ministry has issued an order preventing a retired general of the National Guard, José Rafael León Orsoni, from leaving the country, and requiring him to appear before a court of law for his suspected responsibility for incidents that took place during the Caracazo of February 27-28 and early March, 1989.

León Orsoni is required to appear every 30 days before Tribunal #32, Caracas. He was indicted on October 2 as an accomplice to homicide and for breaking international pacts and conventions signed by Venezuela.

As well, on October 14, a trial began against two members of the Metropolitan Caracas Police, Jorge Giménez and Pedro Miguel Blanco Belmont, accused by fellow officers of being responsible for the killing of Luis Manuel Colmenares, on March 7, 1989, during the Caracazo.

Their case was appealed in June 2004, and the Caracas Court of Appeals struck down the earlier decision. For this reason, a new trial against the two has been ordered in order to obtain an absolute sentence.

Translation mine.

Here’s a half-hour of history (in Spanish) to remind you of why it matters that all the villains of the Caracazo be brought to justice, and permanently:

Justice is slow in coming (where do the wheels of justice ever NOT turn slowly?), but under Chavecito, it’s happening more and more often.

Meanwhile, the people won’t ever forget.

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