“Holy shit! Oh my God!”

A once-in-a-lifetime sighting, caught on camera from an Air Canada flight to the Bahamas. The space shuttle can’t be seen, but the fireball from its engines, and the smoke trail, are clearly visible.

BTW, some moron left this comment on the site:

the space program is a cinical ploy by desperate big government liberals who want to push their science onto our children in their public schools. WAKE UP AMERICA. real americans everywehre are realising america’s days are numbered now that an islamic marxist is our president. TIME TO SUCCEED FROM THE UNION

…thus proving just why more public education is so desperately needed by our neighbors to the south–to combat the McCarthyite idiocy (and the plague of bad spelling) that’s so rampant among the teabaggers. Yeah, the space program–which has been in place since Eisenhower signed NASA into existence in 1958–is all Obama’s doing. He’s out to warp your mind and destroy you with science! Unga bunga inga binga bunnnnnggggga…

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12 Responses to “Holy shit! Oh my God!”

  1. Manaat says:


  2. Anthony says:

    That comment I left to the teabagger earlier is slowly but surely heading down to -6, where it’s hidden from public view. Here’s the response to the Alex Jones fanboy I had left earlier:
    Then move to Somalia, they got no government there and they hate Americans too. Fucking Fascist.
    Which of course, was too much for these far-right-wing Freeper libertarians – all for freedom of speech (read: the N word, the Mohammed drawings) until they hear something they don’t like. Which is why I almost never comment on a YouTube video – I know some Freeper is going to start a flame war. Or rate their comments as good and hide everyone elses, when they all use the same wooden language.

  3. Yeah, YouTube seems to dredge up whatever’s at the bottom of the barrel in people. I rarely ever comment there, either. And if I get replies to my comments, I don’t even bother reading, because I know that whatever’s there, is bound to be retarded.
    Somalia’s too good for that cretin, anyway.

  4. Manaat says:

    Are you sure that comment is not a joke? It almost sounds like a caricature.

  5. These days, who can tell?

  6. foutsc says:

    I thought the space program was a plot by space aliens disguised as human scientists…
    Correction to the commenter you featured: America’s days are numbered because the kleptocratic class has one collective hand on the levers of power and the other twisting our balls.
    Both parties are in bed with big business, big bankers, and big finance, but the taxpayer is the one getting the bi-partisan screw job.
    Learning Chinese???

  7. I’d say your correction is closer to the mark by a long shot.
    Chinese wouldn’t be a bad language to learn, but the neo-capitalist culture they’ve got going now is another story altogether.

  8. Simon says:

    Hi Bina…Ooga boogah bingah indeed. Thanks for the laugh 🙂 The comments in the Globe leave me wondering if I really know the place I live in. But the ones on YouTube make me despair about the planet…

  9. Simon says:

    Oops…one more thing…Merry Pagan Festival eh?

  10. Thanks, Simon! Right back at you!

  11. John Thompson says:

    How do we know who posted that comment? It could have been you for all we know, just to prove to your liberal buddies how stupid the ultra radical right wing (that´s anyone who does´t do tree hugging, right?)are.
    And how dare you insult you fellow Americans just because they live in the south and maybe have a different opinion to yours? You should be ashamed of yourself.

  12. Twice now? Boy, you wingnuts sure have a lot of butthurt to get over. Or a lot of your own stupid ego. Same thing, really.
    And no, I did not post that comment myself. I don’t need to, when your side keeps obliging us by cranking out the dumbassery.
    BTW, I’m Canadian–can’t you read the sidebar? Does the Maple Leaf mean nothing to you dumb-wank Yanks? Or do you think that’s just some “tree hugger” thing?
    Damn, you’re even stupider than I thought, John Boy.

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