How Venezuela sees Obama, part II


No word from Aporrea on where this mural was painted, but apparently it’s also from downtown Caracas. Like I said earlier, gotta work on that image…

And if you can’t spot the reason the Venezuelans are so unimpressed, let Aunt Bina help you. Holiday jeers to the Wall St. Urinal for that blatantly racist bullcrap about the “Venezuelan military-industrial complex”. What’s one crappy Kalashnikov factory when you’re sitting in the country whose own arsenal is bigger than that of the next dozen countries combined? And who you tryin’ to kid with this “dangerous for Asia” shit? Your country is not just the biggest global menace there is, it’s the ONLY one. And it’s doing nothing to improve that image. Especially in Afghanistan–which, last time I looked, was a pretty sizable chunk of Asia.

Funny how the man just picked up that Nobel and still doesn’t know what the hell to do now that he’s got it…

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