Short ‘n’ Stubby: Uppity Latin@s, everywhere you look


La Hojilla brings together Venezuela’s two best curmudgeons in time for Yule! Much pwnage of oppos, corruptos and El Matacuras (who is both) ensues. Video en español–go curmudge to your heart’s content.

And speaking of corrupto-pwnage in Venezuela, Chavecito is sticking it to bad bankers, even ones who profess support for him. So much for the media myth that the boli-bourgeoisie can get away with murder.

Havana is wise to the corruption Washington is trying to sow among would-be oppos in Cuba, too, reports Eva Golinger. Wonder if this is the same bunch that supplied the expensive set-up that enables Yoani Sánchez to moan to the world (in more than a dozen languages, translated by hand, not Babelfish!) about how oppressed she is in evil, evil Cuba.

Incidentally, evil-evil Cuba is currently playing host to the ALBA summit. Funny coinkydink dat!

Uh oh, Venezuela just exported its uppitiness to Nigeria! What happens when they nationalize THAT oil industry? Dare we hope to see no more of those scam-spam e-mails from there?

Rafael Correa of Ecuador also haz Teh Uppity. He told a bunch of foreign oil companies operating in country to ante up or fuck the hell off. Which do you think they’ll do in the end?

Uh oh, Evo wants a referendum in which all of South America gets to decide whether or not the gringos get their seven bases in Colombia. What do you think the final vote tally would be if that were held?

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2 Responses to Short ‘n’ Stubby: Uppity Latin@s, everywhere you look

  1. Manaat says:

    Globovision might be in trouble soon. Banco Federal is aboutta go down under (that’s Mezerhane’s bank, Mezerhane is the major Globovision shareholder I think). Apparently it is also being investigated about the receipt of drug money. Hear more cries of political persecution again.

  2. Oh, but of course! Everyone knows that drug money and crooked bankers make the world go ’round. Without them, how would the gringo neoliberalism ever make headway?

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