Teh Heterostoopid: Epic Homophobia Fail


And trust me, it takes a gay guy to point out THAT fashion faux pas…

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2 Responses to Teh Heterostoopid: Epic Homophobia Fail

  1. misplacedmarbles says:

    lol, good one man .
    who is anyone to tell anyone what is right or wrong , ‘god’ or whatver you want to call’ it ‘ made everything …. which is what they teach in bible SOoo why on earth are gays so bshed by religious folks.
    Personally the bible is ful of contradiction IMHO.
    I’m spiritual but follow no organized by man made religion , I’m a free spirit .
    peace beats ‘n love
    btw am not gay , I just cannot stand when folks are so concerned with others they cause problems for them .
    live ones own life and cause no harm to others is my motto.

  2. Me neither, but my best friend is. Seeing him come to grips with it was what convinced me that you can’t “de-gay” someone. The best thing to do is just accept it and be cool.

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