Juanes: Douchebaggery confirmed.


Once more, via the tweeter, we glimpse an ugly truth about a pretty boy who sings very bland, mediocre music and preaches what we now know to be a false message of peace. From Aporrea:

Young Venezuelans, who support the process of change in their country, demanded on Monday that the Colombian singer, Juanes, show more respect to Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez Frías, whom he attacked on his Twitter page.

Juanes wrote over the weekend that he had the PIN of the Blackberry belonging to Chávez. He used a combination of numbers and letters that spelled out an insult.

Hundreds of Venezuelans reacted, expressing their disgust via the same network.

Venezuelan singer Roque Valero wrote on his Twitter page: “A person who believes in peace and love, doesn’t call a President a ‘son of a bitch’, no matter who he is.”

“I don’t understand how someone who preaches peace could be so insulting in public. I don’t know why he didn’t do the same when he was in Havana,” Valero said.

On the Colombian singer’s Twitter page, the PSUV youth wing demanded respect for President Chávez and the Venezuelan people: “Pueblo venezolano le exige respeto a @juanes por twitter.”

Another youth, identified as angelito2009, said: “If you really love my country, you won’t mess with our government, led by our President, Hugo Chávez. Dude, we’re sovereign.”

And another user, GuillermoC, wrote: “If that’s Chávez’s PIN, Uribe’s is N4RC07R4F1C4N7E.”

Translation mine. I don’t think I need to translate GuillermoC’s alphanumerics, do you? (BTW, that’s not an insult to Dictator Uribe. It is the truth.)

Here’s a screen-grab of the offending message string:


In it, we can see Juanes remonstrating with the Venezuelans, accusing them of not having a sense of humor, and soliciting further “bad jokes” in typical weasel fashion. The passage circled in red is the one where he lets slip what he really thinks of the ‘Cito.

No, it’s not insulting to call Juanes a douchebag, either. It is the truth.

(Muchas gracias to Slave Revolt for the heads-up.)

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3 Responses to Juanes: Douchebaggery confirmed.

  1. Manaat says:

    Listen to this week’s “Como ustedes pueden ver” — it’s funny

  2. LOL! Ramos Ayyoub is in fine form with the insultos this week…

  3. Anthony says:

    So for all his fancy talk about “peace”, Juanes turns out to be just another Cartman Conservative – i.e. a right-wing fucktard who “discusses politics” by being a complete jackass and attacking the opposing view. Stay classy, Juanes!

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