Oh noes! Axis of Evo creeping closer to our borders…

Just south of the Río Grande, to be specific:

Indigenous leaders of Mexico held a special ceremony this week, complete with the handing over of a staff of office, recognizing Evo Morales as a moral leader.

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4 Responses to Oh noes! Axis of Evo creeping closer to our borders…

  1. Jim Hadstate says:

    Three cheers for the indigenous hero from the altiplano de Bolivia. When I was able to actively pursue my chosen career of assisting farmworkers get the legal protection from the bastards who run the ‘plantations’ in the United States, I often wondered about the lack of change given the disgusting historical precedents.
    Without exception, the thousands of Hispanic workers that I came in contact with were indigenous. I started to ponder on the axiom that the more things changed, the more the remained the same. What in the Hell was the difference between the conquistadors enslaving the indigenous and forcing them to work their (the indigenous’) land for the benefit of someone else and the situation today. They were still at the mercy of someone else to feed them or not after they worked them like dogs in the orchards and fields.
    The Axis of Evo, with Hugo, Lula, Rafael and Evo as anchors, are the first group of leaders in the Western Hemisphere to recognize that the indigenous actually exist and have a better claim to the land to farm for their own benefit than all of the rabbiblancos put together. They were here first! Case closed.
    Now, perhaps, a day is dawning when indigenous people will not have to abandon their families for 6-9 months of the year, just to send money home so they can pay their rent and put food on the table. The Neoliberals sneer when you try and explain to them that their Free Trade Agreements bankrupted primarily the indigenous farmers and the lower income mestizos and left the oligarchs in tighter political control and more oppressive in their attitudes. But then, they might have planned that all along. Ya Think?

  2. Oh, I’m sure that was the plan. Have the entire country owned by a dozen or fewer wealthy families (or foreign corporations–same thing really), and everybody else as peons. The browner you are, the lower you stand on the totem pole…

  3. Slave Revolt says:

    This is a smart move on the part of the indigenous people of Mexico. Evo is truely a unique, powerful, ethical human being, as well as a shrewd politician and a strong leader.
    OT: Bina, I check in with Yahoo News regularly to see how ‘the man’ is framing issues.
    It strikes me how they will post indepth articles about the silliest shit you can think of (seven year old carnival queens, beer, gossip, etc.), yet, on matters of significance, they totally come up wanting.
    For example: there is today a story about a man whose mother was kidnapped, tortured and killed by the US backed military dictatorship decades ago. Anyway, now he finds that his dad is one of the principal members of the human rights group trying to connect the kidnapped kids with their real parents.
    Check out the brevity of this article. Guess filling in the blanks will go against the propaganda goals of the empire’s corporate media.
    This phenomenon is quite frequent in the US lamestream wire services.
    And is it any wonder why North Americans are so incredibly ignorant about the history and reality of the Americas?

  4. Yep, that sounds about right. I do better by simply translating articles from alternative local media than the big wire services do at “reporting” the same stories. That is fucking pathetic.

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