Heroes for Today: Courage and kindness in Gaza

A young Palestinian improvises inventions to help those disabled by injuries sustained in the repeated bombardments the Gaza Strip has suffered in recent years. Even in the midst of travel and trade restrictions imposed by Israel, he still manages to get materials–sometimes found objects and “junk”–and help others. Ingenuity at work!

(Yup, another new category. Look for lots more entries to come!)

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10 Responses to Heroes for Today: Courage and kindness in Gaza

  1. Katilyn Grishan says:

    I agree – the conditions are terrible. But how much of this is the fault of the fascist Hamas government who not only attack Israel with rockets aimed at civilians, but who terrorise the Palestinian population of Gaza, and who provoke Israel, forcing Gaza into this terrible poverty?

  2. Oh sure, blame Hamas. Very convenient. You forget who dropped white phosphorus, ILLEGALLY, on Gaza. And they would have done it regardless of who was in charge, and blamed THEM very conveniently, too. They always have.
    But hey. Who am I to disabuse you of your silly delusions?

  3. Jim Hadstate says:

    Looks like you’ve got a Zionist “Likud is always right and I always believe their propaganda like the idiot that I am” troll haunting you.
    The video nearly brought me to tears. This kid is another Albert Einstein or Thomas Edison, neither of whom were particularly gifted in school, but turned out ideas that rocked our world. Or Madame Curie who was denied access to the first-class labs of the day because she was a woman and what could they possible know. Yet she advanced the knowledge of nuclear medicine by incredible magnitudes.
    This kid needs some recognition and he needs it in a forum like the Nobel Committee or the UN Committee on Rights of Children. Even Israel should recognize his work officially, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Bebe would stage a fake award ceremony and then try to kill him if he showed up to be recognized.

  4. Yep.
    I also love how the commenter stayed on topic with that “But Hamas!” schtick. Like no one’s ever heard all of that ad nauseam. Kids throwing rocks at Israeli tanks = “Hamas is fascist!”
    Plus, I’ve seen the damage the Hamas “rockets” did. Left a pothole in the road, and one of them actually hit a single person. Wow. Big terror there!
    Meanwhile, not a word about that apartheid wall. Or all those illegal settlements. I guess evil fascist Hamas built THOSE, too.

  5. Katilyn Grishan says:

    I do not support Likud. But to say the wall is apartheid is nothing short of nonsense, considering the many hundreds of suicide bombings it has stopped. Tell me, who has the moral ground here – Hamas have fired 20,000 rockets onto Israel over the space of 9 years. In the words of Amnesty International, “Although the vast majority of these rockets have landed on empty ground, scores have struck homes, businesses, schools, other public buildings and vehicles in and around towns and villages in southern Israel. It is purely by chance that in most cases such strikes have not caused death or injury, and the lethal potential of these projectiles should not be underestimated.” The fact these rockets have not killed many more is sheer luck and shoddy angle launching on the part of Hamas. But I guess your commenters didn’t know these things – they don’t seem all that up to date on the topic and the history surrounding it. Are you, Sabina?
    The phosphorous was obviously a stupid thing to do, but it was last year. Hamas have been terrorising long before that (if you’d studied the topic you may have known this) so your argument doesn’t hold up. And don’t respond with “oh the settlements!” because the Hamas rocket attacks INCREASED in 2005 when Israel withdrew ALL settlers from Gaza.

  6. Katilyn Grishan says:

    And shame on you for saying that the rocket attacks are insignificant. As a liberal who I assumed would be opposed to violence, I’d assume you’d be against an average of 6 rockets a day being fired upon civilians. No matter what the actions of Israel are in response (as they have been heavy handed), you have to agree that 9 years of this kind of civilian warfare is inhumane and wrong? You can’t just single out Israel for dropping the white phosphorous (which killed no one) and ignore the rocket attacks on Israel. That would be unfair and dishonest. If you support peace, you must criticise both the rocket attacks and the WP attacks, alongside the suicide bombings and other Israeli tactics.

  7. Six measly little kiddie rockets a day? And only four of those strikes were ever fatal, as contrasted with a constant effort to STARVE PEOPLE TO DEATH BEHIND AN APARTHEID WALL? When they’re not burning them with a weapon illegal under the Geneva conventions? And these are the same people whose relatives starved to death behind barbed-wire fences–when they weren’t being gassed and incinerated upon arrival? And you don’t see the irony of your own smack in claiming Israel (a nuclear-weapons state that has several times DECLARED WAR ON ITS NEIGHBORS, BTW) is justified in these and other aggressions? I suppose you think there’s some kind of exception to be made. Sorry, but reality doesn’t work that way. Of all people, THEY should know better.
    Congratulations, Katie, you’re an idiot. You don’t know the first thing about white phosphorus, and talking to you is about as useful as talking to a wall. You’re banned here from now on (three strikes–yer out!), and you are on my Wankers of the Week list. Richly deserved in both cases, I might add.
    And I am NOT a liberal, I’m a socialist. And I’m all in favor of self-defence under international law. If someone is trying to kill me, I fight back. If the Palestinians, Jordanians, Lebanese, etc. want to fight back when Israel comes trying to steal their turf and kill THEM, they are within their rights to do it. Just as they are within their rights to elect the government THEY want, not the one YOU want.

  8. Katilyn Grishan says:

    I hope you die not only a painful death, but a lonely one.
    Looks like you will.
    Edit: Jordan and Lebanon invaded Israel first. It was Jordan who invaded the West Bank and Egypt who invaded Gaza in the Six Day War. But then what do you know – you evidently do not know the definition of “apartheid” or that the “kiddie rockets” have caused billions of dollars worth of damage and sent a whole town into post traumatic shock whilst killing some people at the same time.
    If someone is fighting you, you kill back. You said that. So why are you so against Israel hunting Hamas, who are pledged to Israel’s destruction?
    Ah well, you’re a socialist – you’re evil anyway.
    Fuck off. Bitch.

  9. Katilyn Grishan says:

    I’m not angry, love. 🙂 More disappointed – disappointed that you took those two steps out the way of the car when you were 14.

  10. That’s your anger talking. And your vindictiveness. Sorry to disappoint you, but I plan to go on living long, prospering, and having REAL friends. You, on the other hand, have doomed yourself by your own attitude.
    Sucks to be you, Katie. Get thee to a shrinkery.

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