Gaza Roundup 12: The true, ugly face of “Stand With Us”

A couple of weeks ago, a very persistent troll from the UK (on a DSL line with a dynamic IP pool, no doubt very handy for anonymous trolling) came on here uninvited, and spammed me (under at least four different identities, all with throwaway e-mail addies) with not only hate and insults (and death wishes), but links to a right-wing pro-Israel group called “Stand With Us”, which I refused to publish. (You can google them yourself, if you want. But you may want to take a decontaminating shower afterwards.)

Well, that selfsame group recently showed its true face in a bigger place–San Francisco, when the Bay Area Women in Black and Jewish Voice for Peace held a silent march in protest of the attacks on Gaza and the Freedom Flotilla. And here is what the peace group’s camera caught:

Nice, humane face, eh?

Not only some real Orwellian doublespeak in there (“Israel wants peace, Gaza wants war”–yeah, RIGHT), but also ugly, antisemitic insults (one woman in the peace contingent gets called “Kapo, Kapo, Kapo” repeatedly–a reference to Jewish prisoners in Auschwitz who acted as overseers at the command of SS guards in exchange for better food, clothing and other favors).

Then there are threats that “we will find out where you live, we will disrupt your life”–even the lives of the protesters’ children. Is this how pro-Israeli Jews treat other Jews? Nice to know that even the lives of Jewish children aren’t sacred to them. (That goes directly against the teachings of the Torah, BTW. And puts “Stand With Us” fully in a league with the KZ Kapos themselves.)

And two obviously retirement-age peace marchers are told to “get a job”–a phrase that could just easily apply to the sidewalk harassment brigade of “Stand With Us”, who apparently have nothing better to do than stand out there, occupying the sidewalk like settlers in the West Bank, yelling insults and threats at those who are doing no harm to anyone. Unless, of course, you count peaceful demonstrations and protecting Palestinians as “doing harm”!

What kind of people are threatened by silent peace marchers, doing nothing but letting their opinions be known? The same who are threatened by obscure little bloggers like me. People who are profoundly threatened by any manifestation of real democracy. The same who claim that what they stand by is “the only democracy in the Middle East”, as though none of those other countries had elections. (Shockingly, a great many of them do. Or did, before the US stepped in to mess things up, as in Iran, Iraq, etc., etc.) They cannot bear the slightest opposition, even if it’s silent. They themselves are very loud, and by the sounds of things, very eliminationist and pro-extermination.

And these are the people who want me to “Stand With Us”? The same who tell me I should have been killed by that car that hit me when I was 14? The same who come on here uninvited, spamming me with lies and insults, and then, when I refute their nonsense, they come on here calling ME a bitch? That sort of person expects me to stand with them?

You have got to be fucking kidding me.

No, I’m not going to stand with you, Zionist troll from England, whatever your real name is. You can go straight to hell. These people–and you–are no fit company for any decent human being. Don’t bother commenting again (you won’t get any satisfaction)–just stay away from my blog. I don’t need your paltry hits on my counter. Where I come from, we are known by the company we keep.

And I do not stand with anyone who stalks, harasses or wishes death upon others.

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5 Responses to Gaza Roundup 12: The true, ugly face of “Stand With Us”

  1. Manaat says:

    Bina, it’s interesting how not that long ago, the Arab-Israeli conflict wasn’t one of your major concerns, you’re into it now 🙂
    So I should be moving back to India in about ten days, dunno how frequently I’ll be online (probably not too regularly for some time, but should get back soon). I’m supposed to meet and hangout with okrimopina of globoterror in Madrid, who is visiting family here. See how the web is?

  2. Jim Hadstate says:

    That’s the ‘Bina we know and love. As for you Mr. no make that mr. i love israel so much i will kill you for it regardless if israel has murdered innocent children, if you haven’t got the ‘nads to identify yourself when you make statements like that, then we know what you are. We are just interested in how much you got paid. And how wide you had to spread your legs. Really boy, you should be able to man up and say what you want to say under your real name. You know, like this post. This is my real name. But I’ve learned a lot about you israel is always right and if you criticize israel you are anti-semitic. First, israel has no business being there. You jews are there at the sufference of those of us in the west who felt sorry for you and were looking for a place for you to live after WWII. We happened to pick a populated area for you to live in. It would have been much better if we had carved a piece out of Siberia or Canada where nobody lived and let you go at it. The we could see how tough you chosen really are. The only reason you are still there is because the US and Great Britain keep you there with billions of dollars and pounds sterling and giving you freebies left and right to keep you in existence. If they withdrew their aide for one year, israel would disappear, back into Palestine the way it was in 1948 when Menachem Begin blew up the King David Hotel and the US and Britain decided to steal the land from the Palestinians and give it to israel, an illegal state to begin with.
    Oh, and by the way, the overworked and overused expression “anti-Semitic”, can not possibly mean that someone hates Jews. Yes, the Jews are a Semitic group. But so are all the other family groupings in Palestine, most of which are Muslim or Christian. So, if you are anti-Semitic, you dislike people of Semitic origin, not just Jews. How very presumptuous of the Jews to appropriate an entire ethnic culture to apply only to them. About as presumptuous as stealing land from your ethnic brothers, the Palestinians. Let me see, I think there was some reference to that in the Torah, uhh….oh yeah, “Thou shalt not covet they neighbors’ land,…” Wasn’t that one of those things on those tablets Moses brought down from the mountain with him. Or is this another one of those things that Jews have put the “Jew only” exception into. You know, the one that says, “Well God didn’t say that it applied only to Jews, but he must have meant that so we will only apply that to Jews and the Gentiles we can steal blind.”

  3. But srsly, Jim, tell us how you really feel. LOL! If the troll reappears here, I’m going to see if I can’t find out who runs that dynamic IP pool it pisses out of, and see if I can’t track it to an Israeli agency of some sort. If I can, there’s gonna be all sorts of feathers flying. Paid trolls are the scum de la scum. This one was posting under at least two female names, but it doesn’t really matter what gender it is. One thing I know about it is that it’s beneath contempt.
    And Utpal, so cool that you’ll be meeting Okrim. I need to get out of this big country more.
    The reason I’m following the Arab/Israeli conflict(s) now is because it’s become obvious to me that a lot of the shit going down in Latin America can be traced to the Middle East. When you hear that Israeli mercenaries (former IDFers of course) are working with the Colombian military and right-wing paramilitaries, you know there’s something deeply unkosher going on. Also, just look at the shit the Israelis are kicking up about Chavecito, and in Honduras, and….
    And because a lot of my friends on Facebook–many of whom are Jewish–are also watching the news from Palestine, and are strongly in favor of a just peace, not Palestine going to Israel piece-after-piece-after-piece.
    And of course, there’s that Freedom Flotilla, that great little idea. So successful in shifting the tide of public opinion that the Israel government had to organize a stupid regatta in “protest” of it, LOL…

  4. CanNurse says:

    You GO, Girl!! Well said and well done!

  5. ceti says:

    Jesus fucken Christ. Well, at least you know what you are dealing with, a bunch of psychotics who are so juiced up on there sense of superiority AND victimhood, that they want to visit the same viciousness on others in spades.
    Between this and the achievements in propaganda in getting half of America supporting Israel’s actions against the flotilla, the Zionists must be riding high. However, while there is method to this madness, it is still madness. Anyone who has a humane bone in their body must react in revulsion at both the atrocity and the depraved propaganda that followed it.

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