Short ‘n’ Stubby: Ms. Manx is being watched…


No, the Stump-Tailed Kitty is not paranoid. She caught wind this morning that HitchensWatch is very pleased with this blog that she calls home, and has drawn a few new readers to it. That makes her purr. As for the Hitch-sucking trolls, be warned: Ms. Manx is not declawed, and she will cheerfully take your gonads off if you come here to snipe.

And in other things Hitchens, did you know that he has a brother? And that the two are sort of the same, and yet sort of different too? It’s true! Peter Hitchens is, like his bro, on the right politically; both are ex-Trotskyists who, apparently, switched after they realized the extent to which it would limit them career-wise. But while the one is a militant atheist who makes dubiously reasoned arguments to the effect that religion is responsible for the evils of Sovietism (that’s right, blame Jesus–he WAS the original socialist, after all), the other is C of E and says he was drawn to it for its cool rationalistic approach to faith. Ms. Manx is still scratching her ears over that one; she seems to recall her ancestors being burned for witchcraft back in the early days of Protestantism. But hey, whatever floats yer boat, Peter–as long as you don’t monger for war, you’re a more welcome sight than the other Mr. Hitchens.

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    That is a genuinely well thought out post. I certainly enjoyed reading it. Thanks

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