Short ‘n’ Stubby: Isn’t that (law) illegal?


Ms. Manx is concerned about our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and about existing (old) laws on the books that predate and violate it and really, for that reason, should be stricken. Otherwise, ridiculous things like these can happen:

A man can (and DID) get arrested for practising witchcraft. No shit, there IS one old anti-witchcraft law on the books still here, although it’s actually supposed to be an anti-fraud law. That is, you can’t do witchcraft for financial gain. Okay, fine…why not strike that law and replace it with one saying you can’t do any kind of religious ritual for financial gain? Make it applicable to “faith healers” of all stripes, so that it’s truly fair and doesn’t single us Wiccans out. Or is that going to cut unduly into the lucrative business of all those televangelists, megachurch pastors, and other charlatans calling themselves Christians?

And what the hell is up with that old World War II law to keep the Germans out? By now it’s obvious that Germans are no threat to “public works” (if they were, neither of my parents would be in this country; my dad arrived here in the 1950s, and my mom in the ’60s.) So who’s the real threat? Protesters? REALLY? Oh come on. Since when has there been a war on protest here? Or…wait. I get it. It’s a war on free speech! Suddenly it all makes sense–anything that opposes the G-20 and its brilliant plans to suck the life out of the world is illegal!

Ms. Manx says it’s time to strike those ridiculous laws and replace them, if you must, with something that makes sense. And that does NOT violate our Charter, or wink at one group while smashing another.

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