Short ‘n’ Stubby: Ms. Manx takes aim for gun control


Ms. Manx is, of course, all in favor of gun control; she remembers the Montréal Massacre only too well. She wants to see the long-gun registry stay; it may have something to do with the fact that long guns are the overwhelming heavyweights when it comes to gunshot deaths in Canada. So it heartens her up to read a few things that seem to indicate a balance tipping in Law-Law Land, and which may just be the magic bullets that kill the SupposiTory attempt to scrap the long-gun registry:

The Toronto Star‘s Thomas Walkom, a long-time “skeptic” of gun control, has read the RCMP report and changed his mind. Seems that pro-gun talking points are simply no match for facts and figures, especially ones endorsed by police chiefs nationwide. Blam!

Another Star columnist, Heather Mallick, has let her frustration with the pro-gun, anti-registry rural New Democrat MPs boil over. She points out that the NDP, once the party of feminist progress, has become mired in cushiness and nicey-nicey bullshit. Why is it suddenly so important for MPs to curry favor with Con-deluded rural voters? Why can’t they educated them as to why the gun registry is actually good for gun owners? Among other things, it can help get a stolen gun back to its rightful owner, just as motor-vehicle registration can do with cars. Ah, but such talking points would mean stepping out of their comfort zone and actually risking a debate with those voters, instead of just going the easy route of kissing ass. Mallick concludes, on a pessimistic note: “The corpses of the Montreal Massacre are silent and the yapping gun-freedom brigade is so very loud.”

But if the corpses of the Massacre are silent, their living relatives are not. At the top of the Globe‘s letters-to-the-editor section today, there’s a beautiful message from Suzanne Edward, who lost her daughter that day, urging NDP leader Jack Layton to stand by the promises he made when he founded the White Ribbon Campaign against violence. There’s also a letter from Ward M. Eagen, of Toronto, who points out that Tommy Douglas, the founder of the NDP, was an early gun-control advocate, disappointed in half measures and compromises, who said, “Some day, we will have the techniques to register all firearms.” Those techniques are in effect now. Eagen also points out that the NDP was a rural party from its inception. If being strongly pro-control didn’t hurt Tommy Douglas’s popularity with his rural Saskatchewan base, shouldn’t that tell Jack Layton and his fellow NDP MPs something?

Well, some of those rural MPs are listening–if not to pro-control voices from the base, then certainly to those of their enemies. And one of them, Charlie Angus, is now so incensed with the Tories that he’s changing his stance–he’s now likely to vote in favor of keeping the long-gun registry. Angus is an influential voice among rural and northern Ontario New Democrats, so his backlash against the Tories is very heartening to this little red-haired wild-rose girl from up North.

Montreal Simon seems to share Ms. Manx’s hopeful view of Charlie’s change of heart, and he serves it up with plenty of amusement on the side.

And if you’re wondering what might have changed Charlie’s mind, here’s a video full of clues. It features a horse with two asses, one of which is facing the camera:

That’s James Bezan, a Tory, getting nasty toward the NDP–the party that holds the hammer when it comes to whether the long-gun registry stays or goes. The horse’s name is Woody. Doesn’t Woody look like he can’t wait to buck that buffoon and drop a load on him?

And finally, for those who want to help the NDP get its act together on this one, here’s a Facebook group you’ll want to join, and some e-mail addresses you’ll want to use.

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4 Responses to Short ‘n’ Stubby: Ms. Manx takes aim for gun control

  1. ADHR says:

    More Liberal talking-points, more debunking….
    There is zero reason to believe that having to register his gun would’ve stopped Marc Lepine. Stop hiding behind those corpses; it’s frankly vile. It’s equally vile to pretend the Liberals are the only friends of women’s rights; one issue doesn’t make for a record.
    Tommy Douglas was also massively homophobic. Are you suggesting that the NDP should oppose same-sex marriage because Douglas did?
    The NDP has no set position on the registry and never has. Some provincial governments (MN, SK) have refused to support it, and the original vote was far from unanimous NDP support. So, why, exactly, did you expect any different this time around?

  2. Jim Hadstate says:

    Well, Ms. Manx, I can’t help you by contacting my member of Parliament, but I sure wish Woody would kick the s**t out of James right in the jaw and break it in several places. Then he would have to have his jaw wired shut for a very long time and we would be spared such inanity. Good luck with rallying the votes to defeat this stupid bill, Ms. Manx

  3. Yo, Assclown Dependent on Human Remains (that IS what your initials stand for, isn’t it?):
    1. Life-saving measures are not “Liberal talking-points”, they are LIFE SAVING MEASURES. Can’t you read?
    2. Who said anything about it stopping Marc Lépine? It stopped enough of his would-be successors; the figures speak for themselves. Plus, the overwhelming majority of gun homicides are either single or murder-suicides, not US-style school shootings. Again, learn to read.
    3. Who the fuck cares what Tommy Douglas’s feelings on homosexuality were? Most people of his day were homophobic anyway. It was then considered normal to be a ‘phobe (which doesn’t make it right, but which is still not relevant to anything I wrote here.)
    4. Conservatives are also opposed to same-sex marriage. Remember, they wanted to reopen the “debate” on it. Until they realized they’d lose too many seats in highly populated areas where they couldn’t afford to. More Canadians live in cities than the boondocks; go figure.
    5. The NDP’s lack of a set position on the matter is cowardly and irresponsible. They assume they’d lose votes if they took one. They’d be wrong. Did it lose Tommy Douglas any votes?
    6. I am not a Liberal. Big L or small. They are too conservative for me.
    Take your weak Tory talking points where they are wanted–i.e., the garbage can. And don’t come back, y’hear?

  4. Man On The Moon says:

    Does he remind you of that Will Ferrell parody of George Bush, or am I the only one to see the parallels?

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