Harpocracy: A five-year snapshot

From CBC’s website:

And that’s what the past five years have done for us. Any questions?

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  1. Bonnie says:

    -record deficit
    -para-military event at G20
    -trust funds
    -removal of long form census
    -2 prorogations
    -Afghan detainee files still redacted and kept from public
    -Cuts to women’s programs
    -Closed human rights offices
    -Ouimet (gross/willful incompetence)
    -Elliot …accountable only to Harper)
    -stacked senate
    -Fox TV North
    -Took us BACKWARDS on the environment
    -Trying to interfere with US policy on climate change
    -Presents 3 budgets outside the House of Commons to a CON-only audience (ON OUR DIME)
    -Big Con Cheques
    -EAP $ to PRIVATE Christian schools
    -Against embyronic stem cell research for ‘ethical’ reasons
    -Against same sex marriage
    -MP’s can have a free vote on ‘moral’ issues
    -Foreign policy/aid/defense based on ‘values’ – whose values
    -religion defining policy.three questions.
    -Mean minded attack ads
    -blames opposition parties for con failings.
    -never addresses us with his plans, thoughts, ideas.
    1. Is he honest?
    2. Is he capable ?
    3. Is he a friend of the Constitution?

    Thats for starters.

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