Why it took a dirty war to make Guatemala safe for democracy

So that CIA-backed terrorists could get fake passports from there in order to illegally enter the country that sponsored them. Why else?

Don’t let the name on this passport fool you. That’s not Manuel Enrique Castillo López, Guatemalan–that’s Luis Posada Carriles, ex-Cuban, ex-Venezuelan, now living in Miami, and still very much a CIA asset. Which is why they’re not prosecuting him for the terrorism he has admitted committing; they’re just going after him for illegal immigration. Using the above fake passport, among other things.

What an embarrassment it’s gonna be when the US government’s full role in this becomes known–if it ever does during the CubanaBomber’s lifetime. Don’t hold your breath on THAT one, kiddies. They’ve swept their part in the Guatemalan dirty war under the rug, and they’re gonna do the same with this old fart.

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