Catnip, anyone?

Get a load of what them dang Rooskies have heard coming from outer space!

Extraordinary video has emerged of the air traffic controllers’ screens showing the mystery blip jumping across the display.


During the video an air traffic controller is heard on the two minute, 54 seconds video saying he tried to make contact with the craft.

The shocked controller says: “I kept hearing some female voice, as if a woman was saying miaow-miaow all the time.”

Voices are heard saying the craft was flying at a sensational speed of more than 6000mph, rapidly changing direction in the early morning sky.

The UFO was also apparently logged at a height of 64,895ft above sea level and appears to interfere with aviation frequencies.

If this was some kind of missile test, as is alleged by some defence experts, I doubt the Russian air traffic controllers would have been taken by surprise, much less heard meowing in their headphones. Isn’t the government required to keep them informed so they can redirect commercial air traffic, at the very least?

Perhaps the kittehs have summoned the mothership, and intelligent cats from another world are finally taking over this planet from us fucked-up humans. In which case I have but one thing to say:

I, for one, welcome our new feline overlords!

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