Festive Left Friday Blogging: Grab Bag O’ Goodies

Got so much good stuff for ya today, kiddies, you might just forget about what’s-his-face marrying what’s-her-name in London. First up, a twosome I’d actually pay to see meeting up, because they both give me so much hope for the future:

Michael Moore and Noam Chomsky, meeting face to face for the first time at FAIR’s 25th anniversary party. It’s a nice shot of both, and I like it.

Next, here come ol’ Harpo. He come groovin’ up slowly:

“He’s got hair carved from a tree” — Best. Parody. Line. EVER. More fun and parodic frivolity (with a serious political message for my fellow Canucks) here.

And ooooh yeah, before I forget, here’s Humberto, with a message for y’all as Election Day draws nearer:

Getcher Orange Crush on, people.

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1 Response to Festive Left Friday Blogging: Grab Bag O’ Goodies

  1. Slave Revolt says:

    Noam Chomsky is a stellar human being and thinker. I would hope
    that Moore takes some notes on how authenticity is engaged in the discussion of weighty and fraught issues are advanced from the stand point of someone like Noam.

    No pretense, no grandstanding or egoism–simply intellectual curiosity and human solidarity advanced with philosophical and intellectual rigor.

    Chomsky has made a significant Ono then culture in general..

    His analysis has always something new and cogent yo say.

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