Heroes for Today: Steve Simon

Watch and learn, kiddies. This is how social justice gets done. Steve Simon, Democratic member of the Minnesota state house of representatives, makes the case for gay rights within the framework of the traditional separation of church and state. And, oh yeah: he also does it within the tradition of religious belief. “How many gays must God create before we accept that (s)he wants them around?”

My answer is: Apparently, a whole lot of them, since they keep on showing up in spite of all the homophobia and all the vain and futile attempts to pray them out of existence. And they show no signs of going away, either. Even though efforts to deny them the right to marry keep getting pushed and pushed and pushed in their faces. I hear what God is saying, loud and clear. Now, when will the so-called “values voters” sit down, shut up, and LISTEN?

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