Stupid Sex Tricks: “Disco stick” takes on a whole new meaning

Thanks ever so much to whoever came up with the brilliant (yes, that was sarcasm) concept of vajazzling. Now guys can do it to THEIR relevant bits, too:

Men! The makers of vajazzle crystal designs have heard your prayers, and answered them with “Pejazzle,” a line of “stick-on crystals just for men.” They go above your penis, to make it prettier!

You have, no doubt, heard of “vajazzling,” the beauty craze that took the world by storm, due to being super sexy and not at all weird, and is now basically expected of all women of childbearing age? If you are a straight man, you have probably stared at your female sex partner’s above-the-vagina area, glittering in the soft light of sex-candles, wishing that you, too, could shave your naughty hairs and glue Swarovski crystals there.

And now you can! The exclusive “pejazzle” line includes an “iron cross” design and a “red lips” design. Vajazzle salons in England say some 40 percent of their clientele are male. Don’t be shy! Haven’t you always wanted your penis to better represent your personal brand? Thanks to pejazzling, that dream can be a reality.

Hmmm…I think he was being sarcastic, too.

PS: No, I don’t think Prince William is the type to wear these, either.

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4 Responses to Stupid Sex Tricks: “Disco stick” takes on a whole new meaning

  1. Beijing York says:

    I honestly thought vajazzling was a joke. People actually want to paste crystals on their privates?

    • Sabina Becker says:

      Sadly, yes, some do. The trend apparently got off the ground after Jennifer Love Hewitt bragged about her disco-ball mons. (She apparently treated herself to it after some other dork dumped her.)

  2. chris says:

    “Vajazzle salons”

    Another sign of the end times!

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