In Soviet Russia, cats bark at you!

No, really:

And don’t you love how this kitty slows down to a meow when she realizes she’s being filmed?

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4 Responses to In Soviet Russia, cats bark at you!

  1. xeethra says:


    In English stags “bell”
    In German dogs do
    In Russian frogs “kvak”
    In English ducks do

    • Sabina Becker says:

      So, this is a bilingual kitty, then. She speaks fluent Dawg.

      BTW, I’ve had cats that could meow the word “NO!”

      • xeethra says:

        aren’t we projecting our own views and folkways onto the cat?

        a cat that could say “nyet” or “nein” with the final consonant might be more impressive.

        • Sabina Becker says:

          Actually, what’s a projection is the notion that cats have lower intelligence and don’t understand what we’re saying. Mine put that notion firmly out of my head.

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