Chavecito’s BACK!!!

¡Qué tubazo! Look who’s ba-ack in Venezuela, right in time for his country’s bicentennial independence day celebrations tomorrow:

Chavecito converses with VTV reporter Ernesto Villegas on his return from Cuba, where he’s had surgery and other medical treatments for a pelvic abscess and tumor. He’s now on a strict diet (doctor’s orders), which might explain why he looks a little thinner. He’s also a bit paler and his voice doesn’t have quite as much of its usual boom, but that’s kind of to be expected of a surgical convalescent, no?

Other than that, he appears to be in great form: Alert, on his feet, talkative as ever, and even while hospitalized, he didn’t let it slow down his governing. Gotta admire that, whether you like him or not!

And just look at the smiles on the faces of all the soldiers who are with him. They’re relieved and glad. So’s pretty well everyone, other than maybe the usual squalid suspects.

(BTW, the screeching in the background is his pet lovebirds, who apparently missed him and are now making up for lost conversation. He’s obviously calling from his home.)

Here he is upon arrival at the airport, giving an impromptu press conference (and informal history lesson, as is his custom):

This was in the wee hours of the morning. Who else but Chavecito would be so chipper at that ungodly time?

Pa’lante, Comandante.

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  1. Slave Revolt says:

    Nice! I heard him singing the Bolivarian anthem, and he was stellar.

    Good to be back, wizened by the elements, and stronger, up for the task.

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