Short ‘n’ Stubby: Clan Murdoch circling the wagons

Did I hear a meow? Why yes, I did. And look who’s here! The Stumpy Cat has some juicy tidbits for us about the ongoing saga of a right-wing media empire on the go-down. Whatcha got for us, kitty?

Rebekah Brooks has been arrested. And that’s not all! Her husband is now also involved, in what appears to be a cover-up gone awry. Ms. Manx cattily remarks that she is touched by his dog-like loyalty, especially since there are many who would say that her relationship to her boss was too close for comfort.

And while we’re on the topic of cover-ups gone awry, what are we to make of the “unexplained, but not suspicious” death of former News of the World reporter Sean Hoare? Just a malign coincidence…NOT! Hoare is the one who talked about police being bribed to help the scandalmongers track the phones they were hacking. And the Manx does not for an instant believe that this was a mere accident, or Hoare’s past drink and drug problems (dating back to the time when he was required, as part of his job, to party with the celebs and ingratiate himself any way he could) coming back to haunt. Hoare was clean for years and quit as a matter of conscience.

And if you don’t think a conscience is a dangerous thing at NewsCorp(se), Ms. Manx would like to draw your attention to this little business item. Murdoch’s company stock is down no less than $7 BILLION as a direct result of the hacking scandal. And his bid to buy controlling interest in British Sky Broadcasting is scuttled, too. Irresponsible to speculate? Only on the stockmarket, and especially when it comes to right-wing media stocks. The Stumpy Cat cringes to think of that. It must hurt Rupee like…like…like a veritable declawing! Is it any wonder, then, that those with billions to lose might want a prominent witness out of the way? One who, like Sean Hoare, definitely knew too much? It would be irresponsible NOT to speculate, says the Manx…which is why she finds the police’s statement sniffier than an uncleaned litter box.

But if all this death and money talk is getting you down, here are two funny items for you. Rupee’s Yankee loyalists are circling the wagons for Clan Murdoch, and the results are so funny they may just nauseate you. Here’s the Wall St. Urinal’s disingenuous excuse-making, and here’s FUX Snooze’s disingenuous victim-playing. Bat ’em around like tinfoil balls, says the Stumpie.

Meanwhile, the Manx notes that all the suspicions she had about corruption among police and politicians in the UK are coming true. If the wave of high-profile resignations has anything to say, it looks as though Scotland Yard and much of the British Parliament are wholly owned — or bribed — subsidiaries of Murdoch & Co. Ms. Manx says she can’t wait for Rupee to face the MPs…those he hasn’t managed to corrupt, that is. Should be quite a show…

And finally, on a note of grim hilarity, guess who’s just been promoted at the Yard? None other than Cressida Dick…she who was in charge of the botched antiterror operation that wound up killing Jean-Charles de Menezes, an innocent Brazilian electrician, in front of dozens of horrified onlookers on the London subway. Ms. Manx cattily remarks that she can’t imagine this going anything but well…for all the WRONG people.

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