The People’s Procession

This is what all the right-wingers couldn’t wait even 24 hours to piss on, folks…

A state funeral like none before it, and one that we may never see the likes of again. Very little black, and the few long, defeated-looking faces we see in the seats are those of the other team. Like the results of the last election, this is not a victory for them. They know full well that what happened outside Roy Thomson Hall is the part that can’t and won’t be buried. The flashes of orange in the crowd, the signs reading “Love”, “Hope” and “Optimism”, the enormous and diverse flood of humanity. This is certainly NOT a depoliticized, sanitized funeral. The words “a manifesto for social democracy” in Stephen Lewis’s oration get a standing ovation, and that’s no coincidence.

Jack Layton may not look like Simón Bolívar at first glance, but he has one key thing in common with the South American liberator, and that is the fact that the oligarchy wants very much to bury him under a tumulus of empty formality, but the common people he dedicated his life to…well, they won’t let those oligarchs do any such thing.

El Buen Jack vive, la lucha sigue.

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