Festive Left Friday Blogging: The ghost of Chavecito

Who is this healthy, handsome baseballer, anyway?

Shoot, that ain’t no one but the ghost of the man the Miami Hairball wants us to give up for dead. Hilarious how undead he is, eh?

BTW, other hilarities abound. Check out these headlines:

“Hugo Chavez Forced to Appear to Deny Rumor of Failing Health”, sez FUX Snooze. Wouldn’t it be quicker and easier to simply say “Oh Shit, He’s Still Healthy”?

“Hugo Chavez: Reports On My Health Read ‘Like a Novel'”, sez ABC. Well, that’s true. It’s all made-up shit. Actually, he probably meant a telenovela, a trashy soap-opera. They have melodramatic plots like that all the time.

And then there’s this pathetic (and very poorly written) one: “Miami-paper: Chavez rushed to hospital; Dictator denies health problem”. Who you calling a DICTATOR? He’s democratically elected, you wanks!

But hey. If the headlines haz Teh Stoopid, it’s because of the old adage: Chávez los tiene locos — Chávez drives them crazy. He’s democratic, not dictatorial, and he just won’t die. Nothing drives the lamestream media crazier, and for that reason, this Friday is especially festive.

¡Viva Chavecito!

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