In capitalism, everything is a commodity…

…be it women:

…or children:

Yes, that’s right…human beings are now objects to be “won” in stupid radio contests.

Incidentally, both these contests are being held by Canadian radio stations. Isn’t there some kind of CRTC legislation against this kind of audience-grabbing stunt? Or human-rights legislation? Or, in the case of the Russian male-order bride contest, immigration legislation? Or, in the case of that poor scared-looking little tyke, health-care legislation?

In short: Is there no law against this sort of thing, this commodification of human flesh? Because it sure reeks of all kinds of degradation and dehumanization to me.

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5 Responses to In capitalism, everything is a commodity…

  1. Sol Chrom says:

    Oh, right. Another humourless screeching evul librul e-lytist feminazi!

  2. dan says:

    We have to do away with the whole women = chattel idea that has been around for millenia…Women and babies are not commodities to be traded nor dehumanized…

    There will always be a portion of the population desensitized to this shit…but the rest of us decent people have to be outraged and raise bloody hell…

    • Sabina Becker says:

      Indeed. And it’s things like this that make me yearn for the good old days when radio contests were stupid but harmless. This is all very stupid, but it’s sure as hell not harmless. Bride trafficking hurts people. So does unregulated fertility treatment.

  3. Jim Hadstate says:

    The questions you pose about any laws against this sort of thing? Really, ‘Bina! In a SupposiTory, Wingnut, Calgary Roundup Harpo the Clown government? You’ve got to be kidding. Pardon me while I ROTFLMAO.

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