Stupid Sex Tricks: How NOT to Succeed in Journalism Without Really Trying

In a nutshell, always believe what dickish men in suits tell you:

Kang was indicted earlier this year on charges of making sexually abusive remarks during a dinner with dozens of female students from Yonsei University in Seoul, portraying female TV presenters as prostitutes.

During the dinner, Kang told one of the students who hopes to become a TV presenter, “Do you know that you have to give ‘everything’ to become an announcer? You want to become an announcer despite this?”

He told another student who had once met President Lee Myung-bak with him, “Back then, the President was staring at you the entire time. Men are the same. We all like pretty girls.” He added “If the first lady wasn’t sitting right next to him, the President would have asked for your number.”

The asshole who gave this “advice” was a Korean politician (and was turfed from his party for saying that, and narrowly missed a prison term and the loss of his parliamentary seat as well), but entitled dudes who think like him are, let’s face it, a global problem.

And one that might just be solved if more women stood up and blew the whistle on them, as the aggrieved party did in this case.

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