The art of the WHAT?

As I prepare to get cracking on my first-ever book-length Spanish-to-English translation (yes, congratulate me, kiddies, your auntie is going pro!), I found some videos while looking up an idiomatic phrase that just didn’t appear in either my Streetwise Spanish guide OR my gran diccionario. These illustrate exactly what I’ll be dealing with in the days and weeks to come. And they’re a timely reminder, for me, that there are a lot of arts out there. Translation is one; this is another. And the gutsy women who do it this well are incredible to watch. Enjoy!

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3 Responses to The art of the WHAT?

    • Sabina Becker says:

      Qué tubazo, ¿no?

      BTW, I found an interesting blog entry during my search, as well…a surprisingly un-salacious rant from a pole-dance aficionado on the need to support the dancers and their art, and not just throw dinero around on any old raunch. I’m going to translate that for my next entry, I think; it’s definitely worth a look.

  1. mazbook says:

    In México, it’s more likely you will hear…

    ¡PELO! ¡PELO!

    and I’m sure you can guess just what “pelo” is being referred to.

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