Man up, Vic!

You want a piece of me? First, Vic, get a warrant:

And when you’re done that, get a life:

Public Safety Minister Vic Toews claims he was attacked on two internet fronts from inside the House of Commons last week and says in a letter to the House Speaker that one of the assaults—the short-lived Vikileaks Twitter account spreading details of his divorce—was an attempt to “anonymously degrade” his reputation.

In a letter Mr. Toews (Provencher, Man.) sent to House Speaker Andrew Scheer (Regina-Qu’Appelle, Sask.), Mr. Toews reveals that, as affidavits from his divorce were circulating on Twitter as part of the backlash against Bill C-30, the so-called Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act (legislation he introduced to give police and intelligence agencies sweeping internet surveillance powers) someone from within the Commons also jammed up his Parliamentary email accounts with a flood of emails.

“It has come to my attention that House of Commons resources have been used in an attempt to anonymously degrade my reputation and obstruct me from carrying out my duties as a Member of Parliament,” Mr. Toews wrote, also blaming the Vikileaks attack on someone from within Parliament.

The Ottawa Citizen reported last Friday it had tracked down the internet protocol address of the computer behind the Vikileaks account, and that the address had been the source of Wikipedia editing that appeared to give the articles a pro-NDP bias. But the newspaper also reported someone who uses the IP address denied any connection to the Vickleaks exposés of Mr. Toews’ divorce court affidavits.

The House of Commons has since said in statements of its internet connection and routing system, released through Mr. Scheer’s communications director Heather Bradley, that its system uses a masking system that prevents anyone from easily identifying the IP address of any of its 4,000 computers and their users.

Mr. Toews, whose office provided The Hill Times with a copy of his letter to Mr. Scheer last Friday, wrote: “Details of my personal life have been transmitted to the general public from an Internet Protocol Address associated with the House of Commons in a misguided attempt to gain political advantage.”

In a new twist, unknown publicly before his office released the letter to Mr. Scheer, Mr. Toews asked Mr. Scheer to also investigate the assault on his office email accounts.

“The attempt to smear my name using taxpayer-funded resources appears to be a clear violation of the rules applicable to Members of the House of Commons, their employees and agents,” Mr. Toews wrote.

Oh really? Seems to me that those details were already publicly known, if not heavily advertised by our lovely, polite media.

And really, Vic…if you’re gonna whine about how degraded you feel, maybe you should learn to start thinking with your big head instead of your little one. In fact, you should have done so years ago. Because if you hadn’t let your dick do your thinking for you, you might not have handed so much ammo to your enemy, whom you can’t even identify and never will. (So much for the utility of your online spying bill, eh?)

All this talk of degradation is kind of rich coming from a man who prattles (still!) about “family values” despite having deserted his existing family, and who accuses everyone opposed to him of being in league with kiddie pornographers. What a load of codswallop. YOU degraded you, Vic; Vikileaks only reminded us of the fact, which was rather neatly swept under the rug shortly after the media first caught wind of it.

I can’t help being amused, either, that you’re still whining about Vikileaks even though it’s now shut down. For a big bully, you sure do have a thin-skinned ass. And it’s one that’s begging to be kicked again and again until it gets the message that cowardly bully politics have no place in this country.

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