WTF is going on in Panama?

Anonymous Panama has declared war on the Martinelli Government™. Why?

Well, for starters, Martinelli & Co. are corporatist to the teeth. Yes, kiddies, the F-word applies. Fascism has come to Panama. And with it come all the usual horrors we associate with that word. Including, you guessed it, GENOCIDE:

Ricardo Martinelli has rarely shown his face during the crisis, but he did send out his surrogates to justify the previous day’s crackdown. This, however, turned against the administration when Security Minister José Raúl Mulino, who was attempting to make the case that he had to lie about the government turning off the cell phones (he alleged sabotage) in order to thwart “extreme leftists” when he was confronted with a series of photographs taken by La Estrella’s Eliezer Oses. These pictures of an officer drawing and firing a pistol contradicted Mulino’s claims that an indigenous student who was killed in San Felix the previous day could not have been killed by police because the cops at the scene had no lethal weapons. The Martinelistas deployed their “call center” propagandists to allege that the photos were photoshopped fakes, but eventually they backed down and said that the officer would face disciplinary proceedings. While Mulino backed down on that issue, the Augustinian Friars in Tole issued a statement responding to his allegations of the previous day that they had engaged in inciting violence. The day turned into a public relations rout for the government.

Memo to Martinelli & Co.: Lying about your fascism is not a good idea in the age of the Internets. You will be found out. And the photographic proof will be published.

And really, do you want to take your chances with Anonymous?

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