Hard evidence of a racist murder

Many people swear they heard George Zimmerman, the self-styled neighborhood watch captain who shot and killed Trayvon Martin, use the offensive, racist phrase “fucking coons” on the 911 call in which a dispatcher tried and failed to dissuade him from pursuing the victim. Apparently Zimmerman said it under his breath, but not quite inaudibly. CNN’s audio department has isolated the offending phrase from the 911 tape and enhanced it so that the world can hear:

And there it is, loud and clear. Coupled with what else we’ve learned about George Zimmerman of late, it presents a damning picture of the “squeaky clean” shooter. You see, Zimmerman has also had an altercation with an ex-girlfriend. Of course, he blamed HER. Just as he blames the “fucking coons” who “always get away” on the 911 tape.

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4 Responses to Hard evidence of a racist murder

  1. toma says:

    Wow. I might not bet my life on the slur being there, but I sure as hell wouldn’t bet my life against it. This sad story just gets worse and worse.

  2. Polaris says:

    Jeb Bush’s Stand Your Ground Law makes it easier for nutballs like Zimmerman to legally carry guns.

    • Sabina Becker says:

      …and use them on unarmed strangers. The only “threat” required appears to be that the unarmed stranger be black.

  3. thwap says:

    Zimmerman is the poster-boy for racist stupidity.

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