Calling the copper kettle black in Uruguay

Courtesy of my friend Anthony, this landed in my mailbox today. I think you’ll agree it’s equal parts hilarious and grotesque:

The deputy chief of police of Soriano, Inspector Major Ernesto Carreras, was relieved of his duties and a disciplinary action against him began after he wrote on his Facebook page, “Let’s copy the Paraguayans! Ciao Pepe!!!!!!!!”.

The decision was made in recent hours by the Minister of the Interior, Eduardo Bonomi, after this commentary appeared on the social network on June 22.

Carreras, a policeman with ties to the Herrera administration, alluded in his posting to the dismissal of Paraguayan president Fernando Lugo by the congress of that country.

Sources from the ministry told El Observador that the comment has a “putschist tint” and “injures the confidence” of the public in the officer.

Translation mine.

Anthony writes, “Good thing they left the name of the bastard in that picture too, I found his account and noticed he is a supporter of Pedro Bordaberry – the dictator’s son who always refers to [democratically elected leftist Uruguayan president] Mujica as a dictator.” Somehow, it doesn’t surprise me that the supporter of a dictator’s son would harbor such fascist, putschist sentiments. It does, however, pleasantly surprise me that this kind of shit is no longer being tolerated in at least one country of the Southern Cone.

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2 Responses to Calling the copper kettle black in Uruguay

  1. thwap says:

    Those guys aren’t simple US-American puppets. They get enthusiastic about their stupid beliefs because they’re stupid people, just like our own Blogging Tories in Canada. (Fascists in waiting.)

    Of course, some of them are just sons and daughters of privilege out to keep what’s theirs and who see any forced redistribution (even to starving people) as an unbearable imposition on their liberty.

    • Sabina Becker says:

      Yup…they’re oligarchs with a fancy education and zero brains. They also have no problem with US imperialism, as long as it keeps them rich in in power, and the peons DOWN. In short, they are parasites. But they call the peons that…because they don’t want them realizing that those who actually do the work are the ones who should be running the country, and not those who live off others’ work!

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