Stupid Sex Tricks: One (seriously stupid) flesh

Via Jezebel, we learn that there’s a new fundie-crapaganda astroturf org out there determined to make sex better…by making it procreation-only.

Never mind that the whole purpose of birth control is to make sex better by taking the threat of STDs and unwanted pregnancy out of it…no, these guys have really thought it all through. And they’ve come to the erudite conclusion that condoms make sex bad.

Really? Gee, that’s original. I seem to remember an old boyfriend pressuring me to drop the ‘doms because I was on the Pill anyway. Shower in a raincoat, yadda yadda yadda. Believe me, I’ve heard it all.

Never mind that I felt no qualitative difference between a clothed cock and a naked one. (The vagina is notoriously short on nerve endings. The clitoris is another story.) No, sex is supposedly better without all that nasty, God-angering protection against its consequences.

Well, no doubt for the guys it is. At least until the child-support demand lands in their mailboxes. Or until the STD test result comes back positive. Or until their girlfriend says she wants an abortion…and could he please pay halfsies?

Oh, but that’s right…we’re not supposed to go that route, either. We’re supposed to wait till we’re married, and only then have sex…and only unprotected, so it’s really only for procreation! And if we don’t want to procreate, just have sex for the fun of it, we’re supposed to feel guilty and sinful…and abstain.

In other words, we’re supposed to have really, really great sex…by having no sex at all.

Makes sense!

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