Oh dear. Bad times in Fascist Country!

Poor fascists, how my heart bleeds for them. They’re in trouble just about everywhere nowadays, it seems. From my friend Anthony in Sweden comes this gem about some local Nazis-in-all-but-name and a kerfuffle they got into last week:

The Sweden Democrats called a crisis meeting on Wednesday morning after daily Expressen published a film showing finance spokesman Erik Almqvist and two others push a drunken man and use words like “whore” and “darkie” in a clip from 2010.

The high-level party members in the film are Almqvist, justice policy spokesman and MP Kent Ekeroth, and Christian Westling, who sits on the Stockholm city council.

The three got into a scuffle with an inebriated man at a fast-food outlet in Stockholm during the summer of 2010. The episode was filmed by Ekeroth – a clip later obtained by Expressen.

In the film, featured below, Almqvist is heard making racist comments to the inebriated man, using words like “darkie”, “cunt” and “darkie-lover”.

Without knowing who they were, a 21-year-old woman tried to get the three men to stop harassing the drunk. She was then called a “little whore” by Almqvist.

When the woman came forward last week and Expressen confronted Almqvist with the allegations against him, he denied everything. On Wednesday morning, after Expressen published the footage, the party leadership called a crisis meeting.

Yeah, good luck with that. I don’t think it will help their existing image and credibility problems any:

According to political scientist Johan Martinsson from the University of Gothenburg, an expert on political rhetoric and the behaviour of politicians, Almqvist is unlikely to be able to stay on as an MP.

“The comment about the ‘little whore’ is enough in itself really,” Martinsson told TT.

“That he denied saying any of this doesn’t make it any better. His situation is bad enough as it is, but perhaps he would have been helped by an explanation and by lying low for a while, but even that is not very likely.”

The footage was published only a month after Sweden Democrat head Jimmie Åkesson, in a letter to all party members, declared that the party was enforcing its zero-tolerance policy against racism.

Considering that the party was founded in racism and the idea of excluding from Sweden anything deemed insufficiently Aryan — sorry, “Swedish” — I find that downright laughable. The day I see a far-right party that is actually opposed to hypocrisy, I will know that the apocalypse is really happening, and that hell has frozen over and the dead are skating the Earth.

Meanwhile, this incident in Poland shows that international fascism has a network, and that it is no joke:

A Polish university researcher driven by nationalistic and anti-Semitic hatred was arrested for planning to detonate a four-ton bomb in front of the Parliament building in Warsaw with the president, prime minister, government ministers and lawmakers inside, authorities said Tuesday.

Prime Minister Donald Tusk said the suspect and his plot were discovered as investigators looked into Polish links to the Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik. Polish security officials have said that Breivik bought small amounts of material for his bomb-making in Poland.

The foiled attack comes as the far-right movement appears to be growing in Poland, and as tensions simmer between Tusk’s centre-right government and its main rival, the conservative Law and Justice party led by Jaroslaw Kaczynski.

Poland seems to have not much of a political spectrum there, eh? Two right-wing parties duking it out for the parliament, leaving the real Nazi nutters stewing and festering and trying to blow it all to smithereens with bombs. The irony lies thick on the ground. Good thing it’s not surrounded by corpses, too.

And considering that Poland is where Anders Breivik bought the explosives that did so much damage in downtown Oslo, perhaps the Polish government will now consider getting the hell out of women’s uteri and controlling something it actually makes sense to control, eh?

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